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Cheers To The 15 Guinness World Records Made By Bollywood!

 The largest film industry in the world, Bollywood has proved that it is the unparalleled ruler of the movie world. The Indian film industry has the maximum output of movies per year, followed by the Nigerian film industry. Since its conception, Bollywood has managed to set up some benchmarks and records. Here are 15 Guinness World Records made by Bollywood celebs and Bollywood movies that have made us proud!

Kaho Naa…Pyar Hai – Maximum No. of Awards for a Movie
The fabulous movie which gave us talented actors like Hrithik Roshan and Amisha Patel, ‘Kaho Naa..Pyar Hai’ drew a lot of accolades and fetched 92 awards! With such a huge number of awards in its name, the movie holds the Guinness World Record for winning the maximum number of awards.

PK – Highest Box Office Film Gross

 This incredible Bollywood movie starring Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma grossed a total of 6.22 billion INR worldwide as of January 2015 and was recognized as the highest box office film gross in the Guinness World Records

Kumar Sanu – Maximum Songs Recorded in a Day

 The gifted singer set a record for himself in the Guinness World Records by singing 28 songs in a single day in 2013

Asha Bhonsle – Most Recorded Playback Singer

 The versatile singer has a total of 11,000 solos, duets, and chorus songs in more than 20 languages in her kitty. She has been singing since 1947 but was officially recognized as the most recorded playback singer in 2011 and bestowed with a place in the Guinness World Records.

Ashok Kumar – Longest Bollywood Career in a Lead Role

 The legendary actor who was more popularly known as ‘Dadamoni’ holds the record for the longest Bollywood career in a lead role. He entertained us for an amazing 63 continuous years!

Lalita Pawar – Actress with the Longest Career Span in Bollywood

 Known more for character roles, Lalita Pawar forayed into the Indian film industry at the tender age of 12 and continued to serve the industry for 70 long years. She has acted in over 700 movies!

Paidi Jairaj – Actor with the Longest Career Span in Bollywood

 1929 marks the entry of Paidi Jairaj in Bollywood and the actor – who is popular for character roles – went on to complete 70 years in the film industry. He has acted in more than 300 movies in his career span

Sameer Anjaan – Most Prolific Lyricist in Bollywood

 As of December 15, 2015, Sameer Anjaan had 3,524 creations in his name and that is what fetched him a record for the most prolific lyricist in Bollywood in the Guinness book of World Records.

Jagdish Raj – Most Typecast Actor

 Having played the role of a police inspector in 114 films, Jagdish Raj is another actor who features in the Guinness World Records made by Bollywood. He holds the record for being the most typecast actor.

Yaadein (1964) – Fewest Actors in a Narrative Film

Produced and directed by Sunil Dutt, this 1964 one man wonder has a record for having the fewest actors in a narrative film. Even the lead role was played by this talented actor.

Love And God (Qais aur Laila) – Longest Production of a Bollywood Film

 The lead actor of this movie, Guru Dutt, passed away in 1964 putting the release of the movie to a halt. Seven years later, the director K. Asif also left for his heavenly abode adding another comma to the release of the film. The movie was finally released in 1986 after Sanjeev Kumar stepped in to play the lead role and completed the movie successfully. The movie hence holds the record for the longest production of a Bollywood film.

Largest Screen Family in Bollywood

 The magnificent family of Kapoors has entertained us since 1929 when Prithviraj Kapoor forayed into Bollywood. Twenty-four members of the extended Kapoor clan have since managed to keep up the name and fame of their family. The Kapoors entered the Guinness World Records in 1999 for the largest screen family in Bollywood and have not been replaced since.

Bahubali: The Beginning – Largest poster in the World

Breaking the record of ‘Boss’, this highly successful film went on to grab the record for the largest poster in the world. Having released a poster of over 50,000 sqft, ‘Bahubali: The Beginning’ secured a place in the Guinness book of World Records

Most Generation of Actresses in One Family

 Kajol and her mother and aunt, Tanuja and Nutan respectively, have ruled the Bollywood with their incredible acting talent and prowess. They were preceded by Kajol’s grandmother Shobhana Samarth, who has acted in some of the top movies of 1940’s. The family is blessed with talented females and holds a record in the Guinness book of World Records for the most generation of actresses in a family.

Largest Annual Film Output

The Indian film industry releases 800-1000 movies per annum and was recognized by the Guinness World Records for the largest annual film output.

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