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10 South Indian celebrities who died young!

Their are several south Indian celebrities who died in young age due to some illness or due to some reasons. Here are some famous celebrities who died young. Just have a look.

1. Silk Smitha

Silk is one of the most well known erotic actresses we know of. However, Vadlapati was trying to change her destiny and name by turning producer after a successful stint in front of the camera acting in over 450 films for 17 years. Things did not fall in place for her and apparently she committed suicide by poisoning herself in 1996. She was 35 years old. Failed romance, depression and dependency on alcohol have been cited as other reasons for her premature death. However there is still a topic of conspiracy over her death.

2. Soundarya

Soundarya died at the age of 27, when her aircraft crash near Bangalore on 17 April 2004. She was on her way to Karimnagar to campaign for the Bharatiya Janata Party and Telugu Desam Party candidate for the upcoming elections. She was pregnant when she died.

3. Fatafat Jayalakshmi

Fatafat Jayalakshmi was a popular actress in Tamil and Telugu cinema. In Malayalam movies she was known as Supriya. She acted about 66 movies in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada within a decade of her career.She committed suicide by hanging in 1980 when she was at the peak of her career. She was 22 years old.

4. Divya Bharti

Divya Bharti was a star who born to rule the industry with her amazing acting skill. She debuted at the age of just 13. But unfortunately she died in the year of 1993 when she was just 19 years old. She had fallen from the balcony of her fifth floor appartment around midnight on 5th April, 1993 still stays as one of the most shocking deaths ever. Whether the actress committed suicide or met an accidental death or it was a murder still remains a mystry.

5. Aarthi Agarwal

Aarthi Agarwal was an Indian-American actress who primarily worked in Telugu cinema. On June 6, 2015, Agarwal was pronounced dead on arrival at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey.Agarwal, who had undergone a liposuction surgery six weeks prior, had severe breathing problems before her death. Her manager stated the cause of her death was cardiac arrest. She was 31 years old.

6. Kunal Singh

Kunal was an Indian actor who appeared in Tamil films. He is best known for his role in Kadhalar Dhinam (1999). On 7 February 2008, he was found hanging from a ceiling in his Mumbai apartment by actress Lavina Bhatia. The apparent suicide was challenged by his father Rajendra Singh who claimed the body showed signs of suspicious bruising. He was 33 years old when he died.

7. Yasho Sagar

Yasho Sagar was an Indian actor who is best known for his role in Ullasamga Utsahamga (2008). The actor was killed in a car accident along with 2 friends on 25 December 2012. He was 25 years old when he died.

8. Uday Kiran

Telugu actor Uday Kiran died at the age of 33. Kiran committed suicide on 5 January 2014, reportedly hanging himself in his apartment. Kiran had suffered from depression due to financial crisis for almost a year.

9. Srihari

Srihari was active mainly in Telugu cinema and appeared in a few Tamil, Kannada and Hindi films as well. He died when he was shooting for the movie R… Rajkumar where he complained of giddiness and was rushed to Lilavati Hospital. On 9 October 2013, he died in Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai, aged 49, after suffering from a liver ailment.

10. Pratyusha

Telugu actress Pratyusha died at the age of 20. She committed suicide on 23rd February, 2002, and passed away. Prathyusha was in a relationship with her childhood love, Siddhartha Reddy. The two of them decided to commit suicide, because Siddhartha’s family were not in favour of their marriage. They drank poison mixed with Coca–Cola. After which, Prathyusha died, and her boyfriend survived. Prathyusha’s mother, Sarojini Devi, accused Siddhartha’s family of her daughter’s demise. Prathyusha’s last release was ‘ Sound Party’, post her death, in the year 2004.

credits: zimbio
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