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Akash Dadlani claims Shilpa Shinde 'sexually harassed' him

This season of Bigg Boss 11 has been quite a regressive one, to be honest. We have seen the contestants go to unimaginative levels to secure their stay in the house.

In last night's episode we saw Akash Dadlani extending an apology to Shilpa wherein he said, "I want to be No 1, everyone should have that passion. That's why even if I have to step onto someone's toes to get ahead, I don't see it. I am sorry. I really do love you a lot."

Later, the duo shares a hug as Shilpa accepts his apology. Cut to next morning, we see Akash forcibly hugging Shilpa which angers her, obviously. She then tells Puneesh that she does not want to see Akash anywhere near her. Reacting to this, Akash locks horns with Shilpa slamming her for taking the matter to Puneesh especially since he apologised last evening.

Later, we see Akash claiming that Shilpa was actually sexually harassing him when she slapped his butt the previous day.

Shilpa however, maintains the next time she will slap him on his face. Puneesh too warns Akash of the consequences but Akash hardly pays any attention. Shilpa later while speaking to the camera says that it is not always easy to be strong and being strong does not mean that everyone can treat you like a doormat and stamp on you.

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss gives a 'Mean' task to these housemates. In the task, they have to discuss, deliberate and with aapsi sehmati nominate one contestant who has been the meanest in the past 3 months. The contestants take Akash Dadlani's name. Even Akash admits that he has been mean in the house.

Arshi Khan comes back in the house with an interesting task called 'Arshi Chahte Hai' or Mean Task. In the task, the contestants have to be mean to each other. Arshi will select the meanest option for the contestants to perform. In the task, when the contestants hear a laughing sound, a new round begins with a contestant's photo being put out.

credits: zimbio
Akash Dadlani claims Shilpa Shinde 'sexually harassed' him Akash Dadlani claims Shilpa Shinde 'sexually harassed' him Reviewed by bollykeeda on 10:47 PM Rating: 5

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