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Arshi Khan returns in the house; gives a mean task to the contestants

In today's episode, Arshi Khan re-enters the house. She gives a special task called 'Arshi Chahte Hai' to the housemates. In the task, the housemates have to be mean to each other and that will affect the final prize money and also the nominations for this week.

The episode starts with Akash Dadlani apologising forgiving Shilpa Shinde for his behaviour. Shilpa forgives him and they smile and hug each other.

On the next day, Akash goes and asks for a hug from Shilpa. During the breakfast, Shilpa tells Puneesh Sharma to inform Akash to behave himself as he cannot keep repeating his mistakes and say sorry every time. She tells Puneesh that Akash came in the morning and forced her to hug him.

Akash comes later and questions Shilpa that why did she lie that she has forgiven him. Shilpa tells Akash that she feels like slapping him.

Vikas count's Luv Tyagi's votes from the voting box. He is shocked to see that Luv only received 293 votes and he told Salman Khan that he received 393 votes. Puneesh and Vikas again recount his votes and are shocked that the number is only 293. They inform Hina about the same.

Bigg Boss gives a 'Mean' task to these housemates. In the task, they have to discuss, deliberate and with aapsi sehmati nominate one contestant who has been the meanest in the past 3 months. The contestants take Akash Dadlani's name. Even Akash admits that he has been mean in the house.

Arshi Khan comes back in the house with an interesting task called 'Arshi Chahte Hai' or Mean Task. In the task, the contestants have to be mean to each other. Arshi will select the meanest option for the contestants to perform. In the task, when the contestants hear a laughing sound, a new round begins with a contestant's photo being put out.

The first contestant with whom the housemates have to be mean is Shilpa Shinde. Shilpa's very good friend Puneesh decides to destroy all her footwear. He also gets a green signal from Arshi Khan to do the same. However, he doesn't damage her footwear.

Next person with whom the contestants have to be mean is Vikas Gupta. Shilpa's idea of throwing his t-shirts and hoodies gets approved by Arshi. Vikas requests Shilpa to not throw away one of his hoodies. Initially, Shilpa refuses but she gives back all of Vikas' clothes to him.

Shilpa tells them that she cannot be as mean as Akash Dadlani. Arshi tells her that she approved her idea but Shilpa didn't even do the task.

Vikas tells Hina that Shilpa didn't do the task as usual. He tells Hina that the hoodie doesn't matter to him and it was his strategy but as usual, Shilpa didn't complete the task.

credits: zimbio
Arshi Khan returns in the house; gives a mean task to the contestants Arshi Khan returns in the house; gives a mean task to the contestants Reviewed by bollykeeda on 10:49 PM Rating: 5

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