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Here are the top fights of Bigg Boss 11

Twelve commoners and six celebrities entered the mad house and had no clue to what was in store for them. It has been a mix of everything - we saw fights, love and friendships and well, also the changing dynamics of relationship from time-to-time. Bigg Boss has always been synonymous with ugly fights and this season was NO different. We did see some really ugly spats!

Now, that the journey of Bigg Boss 11 is finally coming to an end, we thought to look at the major fights between the contestants in the house:

Shilpa Shinde-Vikas Gupta's nok-jhok

Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta's love-hate relationship became the daily fodder for the gossip-mongers. Remember the day 1 when they came together for BB 11 -

Shilpa: Aapne kaha tha na, season 11 sabke bajenge barah barah barah

Vikas: Mere? Apne to pure channel ke barah bajae the!

Well, that's how they started! The war of words between the two continued for many days. Shilpa tagged along with Akash Dadlani and made Vikas' life so miserable that he tried to run away from the house.

Zubair Khan and the high-voltage DRAMA with Salman Khan and others

Zubair Khan created quite a stir in the house in his short stay in the house. His foul language didn't go down well with the other his housemates and even Salman Khan - the host of the show.  Salman could not stand Zubair’s indecent behaviour with the female contestants of the house. On the very first Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman lost his control and called Zubair names and asked him to control. His argument with Puneesh Sharma was also one of the major fights as everyone came in between to sort it out.

Vikas Gupta-Akash Dadlani-Priyank Sharma

One of the major highlights of the show! In the very first week, Vikas and Akash had a major ugly spat. It was that intense that Priyank lost his cool and pushed Akash away and became physically violent. Akash always used to make fun of Vikas’s feminine gestures.

Hina Khan-Arshi Khan - Pakke Dushman!

Hina Khan and Arshi Khan have been the arch-rivals of Bigg Boss 11 house - or call them 'pakke dushman'. Hina, time and again, slut-shammed Arshi. The latter also used foul-language when the two used to have an argument. Arshi had issues with Hina's arrogant nature. Hina had issues with Arshi's background. Later in the show, Hina indulged in arguments with Puneesh Sharma, Akash Dadlani and Bandgi Kalra.

Sapna Choudhary-Arshi Khan

So, what had happened was Dhinchak Pooja created a rap song for the contestants of Bigg Boss 11 and it was Arshi and Akash who helped Pooja with the lyrics. In the so-called song, they made fun of Sapna sleeping way too much. This made Sapna lose her calm and she called Arshi names. Sapna even went on to the extent of warning Arshi to not mess with her or else she won't be able to stop herself from hitting her.

Akash Dadlani-Shilpa Shinde- Kiss Ka Kissa!

Akash Dadlani used to call Shilpa Shinde - Maa! But he crossed his bounderies when he forcefully planted a kiss on Shilpa Shinde's cheeks and this got them to have an ugly arguments wherein Shilpa warned him NOT to do such cheap stuff ever again.

Benafsha Soonawalla-Akash Dadlani

In a massive fight and war of words with Akash (Dadlani), Benafsha pulled Akash’s hair which led to her nomination as she had broken the show's rule by getting physical with a co-contestant. This is something that we can't forget!

In an interview, she said, "I shouldn’t have pulled Akash’s hair because it led to my ouster. I had to pay a heavy price, I was nominated and as a result now I have to leave. I should have also taken care of what I was speaking, that no filter attitude of mine proved costly. I should have taken a stand and been a strong contestant right from the beginning instead of pulling my socks after few weeks had gone by."

credits: zimbio
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