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Luv Tyagi talks about his relationship with Hina Khan!

Last weekend Luv Tyagi was evicted from the show and post coming out of the house, he revealed many things to Bollywoodlife.com about Hina Khan and Salman Khan. As we all know that he lost to Vikas Gupta from 30 votes!

Luv was known as the ‘Lucky Boy’ in the house as he used to get safe all the time! But unfortunately, he couldn’t. The aspiring actor is giving interviews to media and is very much interested to get a break in a Bollywood film.

When Bollywoodlife.com asked him about his journey in the house and his best memory,  he said, “Meeting Salman Bhai in the Sultani Akhada for the first time will be the most cherished moment inside the house.”

Luv shared his feeling about being in touch with contestants outside the house, he took the names of the contestants with whom he wish to be in contact. He said, “I’ll be I touch with Hina Khan, Priyank Sharma and Sapna Chaudhary even outside the house.”

As we know Luv is an aspiring actor and when he was asked about his future plans, he said, “I shall take whatever comes my way. If I get a lot of opportunities then I shall take up the best. I am looking forward to getting a break in Bollywood but for now, all I wish is to work in the industry.”

This is so sweet! Luv was a very decent player in the house and had clear intentions for the game and his best buddies Hina Khan and Priyank Sharma. When he was asked about his connection with Hina, he quoted saying, “I only feel for her as a friend, nothing more. She misunderstood my feelings. There is no other feeling bigger than friendship. She is a very good friend.”

It surely seems that Luv had a gala time in the show and he is been a true contestant! All the best to him for his future.

credits: zimbio
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