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10 Actors Who Became Unrecognizable After Plastic Surgery

Bollywood actresses. Ruining impressionable girls’ minds and creating unrealistic expectations of beauty since God-Knows-When A.D.

1. Anushka Sharma

It’s been over a year since Anushka debuted her new and unimproved jawline post plastic surgery. And it will probably be several more before we can look her in the face without mourning the loss of the stunning beauty we knew from Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

2. Kangana Ranaut

Remember that girl with the gorgeous locks and the pretty face who debuted with Gangster? You don’t? Well, given the number of hours that Kangana has spent at the cosmetic surgeon’s clinic, we don’t blame you either.

3. Shilpa Shetty

One nose job, and then another one to correct the earlier botched one, along with several Botox injections. Zero points for guessing where entrepreneur husband Raj Kundra is spending his salary.

4. Rakhi Sawant

The wannabe actress has gone on record to state that doctors can give you all that God fails to, but we somehow just lost count, and interest, after the 97854th nose and lip job.

5. Koena Mitra

Unlike Shilpa, in the absence of a rich entrepreneur husband to fund her fondness for cosmetic surgeries, Koena is living with the after effects of her earlier botched nose job.

6. Gauhar Khan

If we had a penny for every time some wannabe actor went under the needle to get their lips perfected and then off the radar went it went wrong, we’d probably have enough cash to throw them in a time machine and freeze them in the past.

7. Minissha Lamba

If only Minissha had spent as many hours in acting classes as she did in the surgeon’s clinic getting her nose augmented, her career graph would be painting a different picture today.

8. Priyanka Chopra

She may refuse to admit it, but her lips sure don’t lie, with the proof of her cosmetic wrongdoings now just one Google search away.

9. Karishma Kapoor

Her astonishing makeover from duckling to swan seemed like nothing short of a fairytale, with a skilled surgeon playing the part of the fairy godmother.

10. Katrina Kaif

Up until now, we thought only her acting skills were plastic but apparently her lips and nose have got a noticeable amount of plastic surgery to their credit as well.

credits: zimbio
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