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5 Bollywood’s Best Proposal Stories!

Let’s have a look at how our favorite B-town celebs and their adorable proposal stories.

1. Shah Rukh – Gauri

SRK, the King of Romance and his love story with Gauri is filled with surprises and romance.SRK and Gauri had gone through some serious ups and downs when it came to their love life and also because of Shah Rukh’s possessive behavior. Shah Rukh had met Gauri at a party in Delhi when he was just 18 years old. Shortly after that party, the two started dating. Because of Shah Rukh’s possessiveness and all the hustle, Gauri wanted a break and she left for Mumbai, rather abruptly. SRK too took off to Mumbai right away and found her on a beach. King Khan proposed to Gauri there and then and she tearily accepted it realising that they never wanted to be apart from each other.

2. Saif Ali Khan – Kareena

In one of her interviews, speaking about the way Saif proposed her thrice, she said, “We were at the Ritz Hotel in Paris actually, I think it was at the bar and then I think I said no and then there was one more time, in the same trip, and then we were at the Notre Dame Church”. She further added, “He actually proposed to me a couple of months after we met in Paris. In fact, his father proposed to his mother also in Paris when she was shooting a film, An Evening in Paris. We were on a holiday in Paris as well and I was just like, ‘Yeah, of course!’ However, Saif did not go down on one knee, as we might like to imagine. “He’s far from that.”

3. Abhishek – Aishwarya

This adorable couple had started feeling the love for each other on the sets of Guru (2006). Abhishek proposed Aishwarya right after the premiere of Guru in New York, and she immediately accepted it. In one of his interviews, Abhishek once said, “I was filming in New York for a movie and I used to stand on the balcony of my hotel room and wish that, ‘One day, wouldn’t it be nice if I was together with her, married. Years later, we were there for the premiere of Guru. After the premiere, we were back in the hotel. So, I took her to the very same balcony, and I asked her to marry me.”

4. Hrithik Roshan – Sussanne Khan

Even though this adorable couple might not be together anymore, they always had the most adorable love story ever! Hrithik saw Sussanne at a traffic light, and it was love at first sight. The two dated for a year, and then Hrithik proposed Sussanne on Juhu beach in Mumbai. Despite their divorce, these two are still sharing a strong friendship which is extremely inspirational and commendable.

5. Akshay – Twinkle

Khiladi Kumar fell madly in love with Twinkle during the shoot for the cover of a magazine. Shortly after that, they both started dating. Twinkle was extremely focused towards her career. At the time of her film release of Mela in 2002, she had this strong feeling that the film would be a hit. Twinkle revealed that to turn down Akshay’s proposal and told him that if Mela flopped, she would marry him. Soon after Mela released, Twinkle called Akshay and she said ‘YES!’

crdits: zimbio
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