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Kamal Haasan Has Been In Relationship 5 Times, But is Still Alone At The Age Of 62

Kamal Haasan has been reigning in the Tamil industry all this while and is a big name of Indian cinema. Not only his professional but his personal life too has been an open book. So much has been talked about his love life and is still talked about. There have been many women in his life, but unfortunately, no relationship of his was a success.

Right from yesteryear actress Srividya, dancer Vani Ganpathi, Gujarati actress Sarika to actress Simran Bagga and Goutami, Kamal’s relationships have been the talk of the town always. It has always been the other woman in his life who has disrupted his current relationship. Out of all these women, he only married Vani and Sarika.

1. Srividya

In Kamal’s early days of career probably in the 1970s, his first link-up news came out in open and it was with actress Srividya, who was two years elder to him. Srividya and Haasan have shared the screen space with each other in a number of movies and the most famous one was Apoorva Raagangal. But their relation didn’t last long and Srividya went on to marry George Thomas who was an assistant director in Malayalam films. In 2006, Kamal even visited Srividya in the hospital when she was lying on her deathbed. In fact, the 2008 Malayalam film Thirakkatha is inspired by their love story. This was one and the only subdued relationship of Kamal.

2. Vani Ganpathi

Soon after breaking up with Srividya, Kamal fell in love with a famous dancer of that time Vaani Ganapathy in 1978. There is not much known about how they met and all, but one thing is for sure that they were introduced through common friends. Even though Kamal doesn’t believe in the institution of marriage, he went on to tie the knot with Vaani as she wasn’t comfortable in a live-in relationship.

3. Sarika

Haasan’s affair with Sarika was an infamous affair of that time and they didn’t even bother to keep it under the wraps. Kamal entered into the relationship with Gujarati actress Sarika (who was a known name in Bollywood) even before he was legally separated from Vani and they started living together. And being in a live-in relationship, they had two beautiful kids named Shruti Haasan and Akshara Haasan, both of them are now Bollywood actresses. This is what sent ripples down the media and the film industry, but the actor stayed blatant about it, courtesy his happiness with live-in.

4. Simran Bagga

And then, comes the deal-breaker when Kamal has an affair with his then co-star and popular Tamil actress, Simran Bagga while he was still in a relationship with Sarika and Goutami. Even though Simran was 22 years younger to him and he was very much married, nothing stopped him from falling in love with her.

5. Goutami

After Simran’s chapter closed, Kamal went ahead and started a live-in relationship with actress Gautami. She came into his life with her daughter from the first husband. After spending more than a decade together in a live-in, their relationship went kaput and they decided to part ways. On November 1, 2016, Goutami took to her blog and officially announced the partition

Irrespective of what all happened in their relationship, Goutami and Kamal have always been there by each other’s side. In fact, when she was battling cancer, Kamal was there for her offering his full support.

credits: zimbio
Kamal Haasan Has Been In Relationship 5 Times, But is Still Alone At The Age Of 62 Kamal Haasan Has Been In Relationship 5 Times, But is Still Alone At The Age Of 62 Reviewed by bollykeeda on 5:52 AM Rating: 5

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