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Latest Pic Of Inaaya Clearly shows that She And Taimur Ali Khan Are Twins!

There is no denial about the fact that the two-star kids who have been the real heroes of the internet are none other than Pataudi grandchildren, Taimur Ali Khan and his cousin, Inaaya Naumi Kemmu. They both are like the best sibling pair and when there is a glimpse of any of them, everyone goes gaga about it, courtesy, their chubby cheeks, pink lips and their shinning naughty blue eyes.

Like how Taimur had played the hike and seek with the shutterbugs during his initial days after birth, the same is done by his cousin Inaaya who has been fascinated by the cameras and the spotlight that she gets by the paparazzi. Other than their xeroxed copy looks, their habits seem to be same too. Isn’t that really cute? And guess what, the recent picture which became viral will leave you in confusion if it’s Inaaya or Taimur. Yes, you read it right! The level of similar looks is surely not to be missed and you cannot stop gushing over. Check out the picture here:

With the kind of resemblance these siblings emits, we earlier thought it to be Taimur’s picture but when the picture caption said Inaaya with mommy Soha on one of the fan page, that is when we kept wondering how can they spit exact looks! Isn’t she really adorable and so soft like a cotton ball? We are totally in love with her eyes.

For those of you who do not know, the first picture shared by mommy Soha on Children’s day is when the darling daughter Inaaya became the sensation on the internet, just like her cousin Taimur. The little tot is often seen being accompanied by her parents Soha and Kunal and every time, the glance of the little princess leaves us stunned. But this time, it was bigger than ever and even cuter too! After Soha delivered her first child and made Kunal happiest by making him a father to a little angel. Kunal expressed how was the feeling of becoming a father and he had then revealed that it’s just been eleven days and he hasn’t sunken the feeling. His sleep cycles and priorities have also changed. He also said that he looks forward to returning home and not have the cliché routine of watching TV or calling his friends home but spending time with his daughter. He says she’s the most entertaining thing in his life and right now she’s sleeping, sometimes she sleeps for 18-20 hours and sometimes it is also 22 hours.

Well, we are literally waiting for the two to have a group picture together and we are sure, the whole world will stare at it with utmost happiness, admiring the cuteness it will emit. Speaking about a funny incident, Soha expressed how she and Kareena tried to get a group picture of Inaaya and Taimur once and what happened then. She remarked, “Then we took Inaaya to meet Taimur in his nursery and that's when they were both awake. They looked at each other for the first time. We tried to take a picture where there was Kareena holding Taimur and me holding Inaaya and we tried to get one picture where all of us are looking somewhat human and decent. I don't think we could. We have one picture where Inaaya is looking somewhere else but at least the rest of us are looking normal. It's difficult with babies but they're still coming into their own which is a little bit older. Maybe, her first birthday is when they will be able to interact a little bit more.”

credits: zimbio
Latest Pic Of Inaaya Clearly shows that She And Taimur Ali Khan Are Twins! Latest Pic Of Inaaya Clearly shows that She And Taimur Ali Khan Are Twins! Reviewed by bollykeeda on 7:23 PM Rating: 5

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