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6 Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Vegetarian

Being a vegetarian or non-vegetarian is a personal choice but nowadays a trend under PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is catching the attention of various celebrities. Moreover, some inspired by this some might have other reasons, there are many celebrities who are strictly vegetarian:

1. Shahid Kapoor: Vegetarian since 2003

Shahid is inspired from the book Life is Fair by Brain Hines. After reading this book, he decided to give up meat. From 2003, he is a vegetarian.

2. Amitabh Bachchan: Vegetarian since 2000

Amitabh gave up eating meat, along with rice, aerated drinks, alcohol and smoking from 2000. He has been a veteran title holder of Peta’s Hottest Vegetarian Alive since 2002.

3. Aamir Khan: Vegetarian since 2015

Aamir is not only a vegetarian but also a vegan as he does not eat meat or dairy products. Aamir once said: “At the end of it, I was convinced that vegans are way ahead of non-vegetarians and even vegetarians.”

4. Alia Bhatt: Vegetarian since 2015

Alia stopped eating chicken and meat because the taste had altered.

5. Jacqueline Fernandez: Vegan since 2013

Since 2013, Jacqueline is a vegan and in a blog post by Peta, she was quoted as saying, “I went vegan, and I’ve never felt better. Now, I want to share that wonderful feeling with everybody I know. Going vegan is the best thing you can do to help stop animal suffering, protect the environment and safeguard your own health.”

credits: zimbio
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