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Manisha Koirala Dated these 12 Men Before Marrying Samrat Dahal

Manisha Koirala is one actress who can qualify as the most ethereal beauty of Bollywood from the 1990s. This lady had the timid looks to melt your heart while packing a sensual charm that would leave you reeling; she was surely one actress who would linger in your mind for a really long time. Such was the power of the allure that she enticed not one, nor two, but a prodigious twelve beaus in her two and half decades of showbiz existence. Nevertheless, this lady fought cancer, negative publicity and failed relationships all together, leaving us in nothing but awe for her fortitude. Let’s take a closer glimpse of the exuberant love life of this damsel from Nepal.

1. Vivek Mushran

Although Manisha had started her career with a Nepali film, her first big break came with Subhash Ghai’s Saudagarin the year 1991 where she starred alongside the newcomer actor Vivek Mushran. The two undoubtedly first met during the shooting of the movie and both slowly fell for each other. While it is not known who fell for whom first, their relationship lasted as long as their movie was in theatres. The relationship soon fizzled out and in a blink of an eye both were on their independent ways.

2. Nana Patekar

Manisha Koirala and Nana Patekar’s jodi emerged as one of the most bankable jodis in the early 90s. The couple worked in Khamoshi: The Musical and Agnisakshi, both of which went on to win major awards and applauds. Just like their on-screen love-life, their off-screen romance was turbulent too. Since, Nana Patekar was a married man and much elder to Manisha, the couple initially was hesitant and never come out in public. However, with time, both Manisha and Nana eased out and could be spotted leaving each other’s house at wee hours without shying away from anyone. When the Dil Se star finally realized that Patekar was not going to leave his wife for her, she parted ways. Manisha apparently had gone into a state of depression post her separation from him.

3. The Australian Paramour

During the late 1990s, there was a certain Crispin Conroy who seriously became infatuated with Manisha Koirala. What actually made the situation conducive for his crush was the fact that he was the Australian ambassador to Nepal, the country which Manisha originally hailed from. In fact, Manisha came from a family with active political past and present and most probably this is how he happened to meet and interact with Manisha. Crispin and Manisha dated for nearly four years and apparently Mr. Conroy was madly in love with the Nepali beauty. Eventually, in the year 2000, the couple got engaged with Crispin’s intention to get married soon after. But in 2001, Manisha stated she was not ready for marriage yet due to which the couple broke their engagement. Crispin Conroy continued to serve as an Australian ambassador in Nepal till 2002, after which he left the country.

4. DJ Whosane

Manisha was emotionally battered and in a state of depression after parting ways with Nana. It was during this period that she met, DJ Whosane. This DJ, whose original name was Hussain Babai, turned out to be an emotional anchor for Manisha Koirala. Though it was never reported how their relationship started but considering the nature of their jobs, the couple was expected to have met during some social gathering. Whosane showered Manisha with his attention, care and love and the couple soon moved in together. However, commitment-phobic Manisha called it quits when Whosane started getting serious for her and eventually proposed to her for marriage.

5. Cecil Anthony

Even though she was afraid of commitments, Manisha never hesitated from giving love another chance. Soon after her split with DJ Whosane, Manisha fell into the arms of a London based Nigerian businessman, Cecil Anthony. The duo met during one of Manisha’s courses in London and then kept in touch. Soon love blossomed and the couple started maintaining a long distance relationship until Manisha found another ‘new love’.

6. Aryan Vaid

Aryan Vaid was a popular face in the modelling arena and had been an actor for some time on stage. Interestingly, Manisha met Aryan at the lowest dip in her career when she signed a low budget ‘C-grade’ movie called Market, which was Aryan’s first film. Manisha had by this time got bored with the long distance fling with Cecil and all the trips she had been making to London. She saw an opportunity to start afresh with a romantic relationship with Aryan. It was soon that Manisha dumped her ex-flame Cecil and was now seen hand-in-hand with Aryan Vaid. She felt so attached to him that she even did another low rated film with Aryan, just to be in his company. While Manisha had kept her new relationship under wraps, Aryan was quite candid about it, especially with the media. The newcomer was looking for publicity anyway and he couldn’t see a better opportunity than leveraging his relationship with Manisha for his advantage. Manisha was quite unhappy and upset with Aryan’s act and spared no time in breaking off with him.

7. Prashant Chaudhary

Manisha, who had realized that her biological clock was ticking, was desperately looking for her soulmate. And her search ended at Mumbai based restaurateur, Prashant Chaudhary (or so everyone thought, then!). A much younger Prashant was infatuated with Manisha and soon fell in love with her madly. In fact, the couple were so serious that they were even considering tying the knot. But, as luck would have it, the couple headed for splitsville when Prashant refused to get married due to family pressure.

8. Tariq Premji

A smaller section of the media had reported an affair between Manisha Koirala and son of Azim Premji, Tariq. Not much is known about how they met or where they met, but the couple soon parted ways.

9. Akshay

Don’t be surprised we are not talking about our Bollywood hunk – Akshay Kumar here. Manisha had a brief fling with a newcomer, Akshay. Even though things were going well between the couple, they decided to part ways, when Akshay, who was still trying to fit into the industry wasn’t ready to settle down and Manisha was looking for marital bliss.

10. Sandeep Chowta

In 2007, Manisha found a special place in her heart for the music composer, Sandeep Chowta post her separation with Akshay. Sandeep, who had dated actresses like Sushmita Sen, Shilpa Shetty and Urvashi Dholakia, did not want to commit to the relationship and thus the couple amicably headed their own ways.

11. Christopher Dorris

It was soon after parting ways with Sandeep, that Manisha got romantically involved with an Americal sports counsellor and entrepreneur, Christopher Dorris. The couple dated for three years and were madly in love with each other. Manisha had also revealed her marriage plans with Christopher to her close ones. Though what happened between the couple which made them choose different paths is still unknown but soon after the breakup, Manisha had made this statement:

12. Samrat Dahal

Samrat is a son of Nepali business honcho and the family owned a vast business, spread across the expanse of Nepal. Manisha is rumoured to have met Samrat on Facebook and developed a romantic affinity towards him even while she was being courted by Christopher Dorris. A diva desperate to marry, meets a man younger by seven years, who is in a hurry to have her. It made a perfect recipe for hasty wedlock and eventually in April 2010, the couple tied the knot in a traditional Nepali wedding ceremony. Although there were hardly any guests from the film industry, the marriage still managed to get a healthy media coverage. The couple eventually went on for a honeymoon to the quaint destinations in Finland, Germany and France.

credits: zimbio
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