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8 Bollywood Celebrities Who Took Paternity Leave To Share Responsibility

To inspire all you couples who are already expecting, or planning for a family, take a look at all the doting Bollywood hubbies who took paternity leaves to take care of their lady love like a pro!

1. Imran Khan

Before Imara's birth, work kept Imran super busy. And as it was his and wife Avantika's first baby, Imran made sure that he left no bounds to pamper his wife. As Avantika hadn't seen snow ever, as a part of a paternity break, Imran kept extending his break by "three days, five days, so on".

2. Raj Kundra

Raj Kundra took a month off from work when his beautiful wife was pregnant with their son Viaan in 2012. Speaking of his paternity leave, Raj shared: “My wife is expecting now and this is the most important phase of my life and I don’t want to be very busy”.

3. Vivek Oberoi

Quite like any first-time parent, Vivek was on cloud nine and couldn’t wait to welcome their first child. The doting father had then spoken to DNA about his month-long paternity leave. He said: “I want to be there (in Bengaluru) with Priyanka when our child arrives. I have read, I don’t know how many books, been to all the doctor’s appointments with Priyanka, have been busy doing up the nursery... I just can’t wait to be a dad and hold our bundle of joy”.

4. Kunal Kemmu

Speaking about paternity leave when Soha was expecting, Kunal had shared with DNA: “I will be caught up with the promotions of the film, but I do believe that a short leave is necessary, or else I will be in trouble later. I really look forward to spending a significant amount of time with the baby. I have decided to take time out even though we are going to have a rigorous schedule during the promotions of the film.”

5. Shahid Kapoor

In an interview, Shahid spoke about his 6-month long paternity break: “I've spent a lot of time with Misha. I took a six-month paternity leave. I did it more for myself than her. I didn't want to miss out on the experience. People cautioned me that it was not a good decision. That I'd be out of the limelight. But being an actor I'm a freelancer."

6. Saif Ali Khan

Father to an already made sensation, Taimur, Saif Ali Khan is one caring and pampering daddy. Kareena and Saif welcomed their first baby on December 20, 2016 and since the pictures were shared with the media, people have gone crazy about him. And why wouldn’t he? Have you seen how adorable the little munchkin looks? Coming back to paternity leave, the doting daddy was by wifey, Kareena side for quite a while when she was pregnant with Taimur.

7. Riteish Deshmukh

Riteish had taken a short paternity leave to spend some time with his wife and newborn. A source had shared: “He will resume shooting only after two-weeks. Genelia should be discharged from the hospital by the end of this week. They don’t want to divulge too many details as they want to keep this special moment private. For the same reason, apart from close family and friends, nobody has been informed about the hospital Genelia is in”.

8. Karan Johar

Karan who was on a two-month paternity break immediately after his twins were born was all chirpy and excited in an interview with HT. He had shared: “My life has changed since Roohi and Yash arrived. At 44, this is my biggest blockbuster. I still haven’t realised the enormity of what’s happened. They’re only two months old. And all they do is eat, sleep, burp, wail and poop. Kabhi khushi, kabhie gham! While I stare at them in wonder. But I can’t get over the fact that they are mine. It’s like a powerful switch has suddenly come on in my life, filling the emptiness in my personal space with new energy. I get teary-eyed just looking at them. It’s surreal to think of them as my daughter and son. It’s daunting even, but in a gorgeous way, when I wake up suddenly at night to remember that I have life breathing in the next room that I’m totally accountable for. My universe was Dad, Mom and films. But now there are Roohi and Yash. My two new friends.”

credits: zimbio
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